Gospel Singer | Songwriter

Lives in: Johannesburg, South Africa
From: Johannesburg, South Africa


Danzel Mohamed is a singer/songwriter who grew up Johannesburg.

He’s interest in music developed from a young age, as a teenager he was shy and sang for the first time before an audience at a school valentine’s day and his passion for music just started growing from there, listening to various music genres like R&B, Soul, Jazz and Pop.

In high school he took an interest in gospel music, where he joined the local community church and became part of music ministry and became the lead for the youth music ministry.

“In 2006 I placed the music ministry on hold to focus on my marriage where, I was only a advisor for the youth music team and helped in the main music team, I also started experiencing various problems on my vocal cords and left the music ministry.”

“In 2008 I started working on my own projects, but it never took off due to difficult time in our family and then started writing songs that I wanted share and to encourage others.”

“I released my first single Life Abundantly 6 March 2020 from my EP – Seasonal Experience that’s based on my journey and relationship with God.”

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