Christian Artists Licy Be & Kingdmusic Release Single “Live Right”

Aug 28, 2020

Australian-based artist Licy Be and South African artist Kingdmusic have teamed up for their colorful single “Live Right.”

With placements on radio stations in New Zealand and Australia, 2020 has been a break out year for Licy Be, with this year already tripling her total streams. Her song “The One” featuring Sajan Nauriyal has especially drawn people’s attention.

For Kingdmusic, his mission is to bring people closer to Christ. As worship leader of Hillsong Church in South Africa, Kingdmusic led songs in Hillsong’s African album Alikho Elinye iGama. He has also partnered up with rapper S.O. for the song “Identity.” God embraces us despite all our flaws. So, the least we can do is live for Him the best we can!

Licy and Kingdmusic wanted to create a track to celebrate and encourage listeners who are striving to live holy. Licy Be raps about this theme in the verses. Kingdmusic sings a prayer to God in the chorus asking for Him to give strength to those who want to “Live Right.” “’Live Right’ was written to encourage us to trust in God at a time where the world is in chaos. There has been a sense of hopelessness, disease, and racial tensions. So many are hurting at this time,” Licy explained. “We are living broken because humanity is broken. God is our solution, and we need to trust in Him to overcome and ‘Live Right,’ which means living by His word.”


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