Oct 3, 2020

Leesa Gerald, durban based vocalist and musician, mother, wife and worshipper. She is a devoted member of her local church and is dedicated to the call of God on her Life. She has been singing professionally from 1998 and has sung behind many local and international greats. Leesa Gerald has a deep passion for worship and trains and teaches music.  Follow Leesa Gerald on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her Youtube Channel to listen to the many other videos she has out.

The Song BRAVE was written in 2019 and recorded in January 2020.  Little did she know that this song would be so appropriate for what the entire world has been going through.  This song speaks to every person who has been having internal wars and for those who need encouragement to push through.  

Brave is a personal message from the Lord Jesus Christ to every believer, that he will never leave them nor will he forsake them. 


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