Christian Artist Licy Be Releases Single “Never Gonna Leave” Ft. JSteph

Aug 5, 2020

Despite the turbulent year 2020 has become, Licy Be hasn’t let that stop her!

Licy dropped her fifth single this year, “Never Gonna Leave” featuring JSteph.

With this year already tripling her total streams, Licy is continuing her growth with this single. Others have noticed her growth as an artist as well. Along with performing at venues with V. Rose, Melinda Watts, and Angie Rose, Licy has worked with CASS and WYLD to create her single, “Be The Change.” In 2019, Licy joined Hillsong Worship on stage and in ministry with Awakening Eu- rope.

Despite COVID-19 having the world in its clutches, God has the virus and the world in His hands. In “Never Gonna Leave,” Licy reminds listeners that God is always by their side. The creator of all never disappeared during this crisis and has been orchestrating His perfect plan. With MOFLO Music in charge of production, Licy crafted this single to sooth negative emotions within listeners and return them to their source of peace. She also recruited JSteph to sing the chorus and create adlibs with his smooth voice to calm listener’s nerves.

“2020 hasn’t been the easiest year, but God has reminded me through this year that He is with us through all seasons of life, not just the easy ones,” Licy said. “Sometimes when life gets hard, we want to walk away. I know my humanity has tempted me at times in life, especially when I’m tired and life around me isn’t going right. God has shown me that He will never leave us in those seasons. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, God pursued them. He is a loving God despite our hard times and transgressions. He is never gonna leave us.” 


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