Christian Artists Licy Be & Izzy Release Pop Rap Single “I Believe”

Sep 30, 2020

New Zealand based artists Licy Be and Izzy have teamed up for their joyful single “I Believe.” With radio placements in New Zealand, France, U.K., South Africa, and Australia, 2020 has been a break out year for Licy Be, with this year already tripling her total streams. Her song “The One” featuring Sajan Nauriyal has especially drawn people’s attention. Formerly known as Bella Grace, Izzy is a singer, writer, and poet who works as a worship leader on the Gold Coast. For her, “I Believe” is her debut song under her new name. The two New Zealanders have teamed up previously for their single, “Thinkin’ Bout You.”

Watching the music video, anyone can tell that Licy Be and Izzy are exploding with a love for Jesus! “I Believe” is these two artists’ way of communicating their passion and wonder for their Savior. Izzy’s sweet, light voice may remind listeners of a soft breeze along a beach as she sings about her faith. Licy Be took her two verses and created lines that are fun to follow and are applicable for any believer. Factor in the production of Moflo Music, and this song turns into a fun anthem for Christians to celebrate with.     

“’I Believe’ is a statement song about who God is and what He has done for me,” Izzy explained. “For me, it is a personal declaration that I believe in God, His miracles, and that He sent His son Jesus down to Earth so that I could be set free.”


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