CRC Music release new song “You Restore”

Oct 8, 2021

With over 3,3 million plays on Apple Music, and more than 2 million views of their songs on You Tube, CRC Music is clearly one of South Africa’s favourite church gospel worship bands.  Radio stations will be delighted to hear that this Friday October 8th, CRC Music will be releasing their brand new single – “You Restore”. Your listeners will find this song immensely encouraging after 18 months of living in a pandemic. It will be the first of a series of singles to release ahead of their upcoming album “Restore” which is slated to release in March 2022.

One of the ProducersLufuno Muthala, comments:

ABOUT THE SONG: I remember when I was working on this song for the very first time – I ended up just playing the song over and over again because, as it was in its most raw form, I found that the song spoke to me and encouraged me. I would just feel like, wow, okay, everything that I’ve been through God is actually going to restore! And I think that’s almost the feeling that I have with the entire album.”

ABOUT THE ALBUM: “I know we always say we’re striving for something different but actually this is quite possibly our most challenging album to date. We’ve intentionally made it the most collaborative album using as many of our team as we possibly can to bring in as much of a diverse sound as we can possibly bring.”


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