David Jantjies Releases “GOD HET ‘N BEHAE” ft Lebohang Kgapola

Sep 15, 2021

“God het ‘n Behae” is a song written out a very sensitive space of hopelessness and confusion. The song came about when a friend of mine, Byron Levi invited me to his place, this being on the very same day I felt like a was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, but something told me to go anyway. The entire morning, I was having some thoughts, such as “God if you love us that much, make this pandemic and all the elements of destruction it contributed, go away.” Byron was motivating me and, in the moment, told me, “Dawie God het ‘n behae in jou!” which roughly translates to God has interest in you, and immediately we knew that this is a message we need to share with the Kingdom of God.

After completing the lyrics to the song, I knew that I didn’t want to spread this message by myself and for obvious reasons, the very first name that came to mind was Crown Gospel Award winning artist, Lebohang Kgapola. I knew immediately that this collaboration was from God as due to the pandemic we have not communicated in a while, and she said yes to my vision immediately. We then started working and after almost a year, we are proud to present, the fruits of our collaboration.

The only thing I want to leave with anyone who ever hears this song regardless of their church, race, or language, is that God finds delight in you, you will never be alone, God has interest in you! as encouraged in Isiah 62.

Make this song personal, because it got me out of a very dark space, and I sincerely wish it will do the same for you.


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