Interview with Lebohang Kgapola on her new single “Never Fails”

Aug 16, 2021 | 1 comment

Can you share the inspiration behind this release?

The inspiration behind this release was definitely realising that it’s August (Women’s month) and we’re living in an ongoing pandemic. How am I going to contribute to celebrating women yet still being considerate that the covid19 is still very much an issue that needs to be addressed. Especially while seeing people lose loved ones, source of income, jobs, sense of security and so forth. Just hearing news of more panic and anxiety rising over this time definitely made me feel that we need a song of hope that would encourage us to practice faith over fear, and which would be turning our eyes and shifting our eyes to Jesus. Turn from fear and exalting the virus, but start speaking of who God is. 

What is the main message you want to get across through this release?

I hope that people will be reminded that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:31 mentions all these things that could never separate us from the love of God, not even death or sickness. Having lost a close aunt who was a pillar to my family quite recently, I was quite shaken. But I had to remember that when we live, we live in Christ and to die is gain. Even death cannot separate us from the love of God. Perfect love drives out fear. There is no fear in love, there is no fear in God. That’s why the second line of the song says “let fear subside and peace prevail” We command fear to subside because we serve Jesus the Prince of peace. And though we may not know what the future holds, we know the One who holds the future. And we build our lives on His love, nothing else. We can’t build based on our human knowledge. Our self-sufficiency is over. This pandemic has really shown us that we are mere mortals and God is sovereign. 

As we are observing Women’s month, what is your encouragement to all women?

My encouragement to all women is that we have so much power to influence. We can ignite a passion, stir up hope in people’s hearts. Let us use our beauty, brains and power well. To better impact the different spaces we find ourselves in. My music is available on all digital stores. The music video is up on YouTube. Please visit my website for more info for upcoming events and engagements. 

How did you manage to put this release together in just one week?

I called my producer on a Monday and told him about this crazy idea of getting women together, shoot a beautiful video while tracking the audio and I want it released the very following Monday. Lol, he thought I was out of my mind because on Wednesday when we met to work on the song, I told him I don’t have the money to do any of this but we’re doing this. On the Wednesday, after laying down a guide for the track, I got home and started making calls to all the service providers whom I have great relationships with. From the photographer, graphic designer, recording engineer, videographer and the venue where we recorded previously. On the phone calls, I repeated the same thing that I told my producer. There’s no money but send through your invoices. Now at this point I’m scaring myself because I’m not understanding exactly where am I getting so much courage, and exactly how am I going to pay! I had no idea that I was now functioning on a supernatural confidence. What I thought was an urge to record a song, was actually the nudging of the Holy Spirit because He knew that He would provide for this. On the very same day after making calls, I get an email of a contract I did last year, which I had no idea was gonna be renewed. I thought it was a once off payment. The email requested that I sign for renewal as they would be sending money for it. It was right that moment that I knew this was God’s provision for what He had laid in my heart! I think this record has done more for me than it will ever do for the people who will hear it. This has brought me into a deeper realm of trusting God and acting on His Word! I know for sure that God is alive because of how He took me through this journey of acting on faith. The penultimate line to the chorus of Never Fails goes “may faith in God never depart” and I’m glad that this is not something I’m just singing, I’ve lived it.On Friday, we all met, recorded this beautiful project which we all tirelessly worked on the whole weekend, and by Monday night it premiered on my YouTube channel in celebration of Women’s day. Then on Friday the 13th August the single was out on all digital platforms! The power of relationships and having people run with the vision God has given was such blessing. Everyone worked so hard as if the project was their own! I’m so grateful for such divine relationships and I pray a blessing over everyone who pulled on their weight to make this all happen. 

Can you share who you collaborated with or who played a significant role in this release?

I called three women I admire and celebrate for different reasons. Bongi represents the women who came before us, who have paved the way. The music industry can be so gruesome and end up changing you as a person, Bongi has remained consistent in her humility and gentle spirit. She carries so much wisdom and grace. Charnte Heart is a young lady who carries so much light and is so bold in her pursuit for God. She unashamedly runs her race so well and I believe younger girls are inspired when they watch her. I believe that bringing her on the song will be a continued engagement for her to keep soaring and shine her light for the younger generation of worshipers to see. Chairo is completely undignified in her poured out worship to God, I watch her when she leads worship and I marvel at her childlike spirit in the presence of Abba. I’m absolutely inspired by that, and I celebrate it. She reminds me of king David who took off his kingly robe to dance for Elohim! 

What are the most important things you’ve learnt about being an artist since the release of your new single?

Being an artist does not mean I get behind the mic and sing. Rather, being an artist means being a leader and influencing your team to believe that it’s possible to achieve a certain goal, no matter how unimaginable it is. It’s the power of leadership, which means not only believing in yourself but believing in others. Delegating and trusting that they will deliver well. This project has shown me that you can bring to life what you envision. It takes determination and getting the right team to interpret/translate the picture to a reality. 

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  1. Fhumulani Dagada

    Being an artist does not mean I get behind the mic and sing. Rather, being an artist means being a leader and influencing your team to believe that it’s possible to achieve a certain goal….. This is so inspirational.. I am touched..


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