Interview with Stefan Green on his single “Battlefield”

Jul 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Can you share the inspiration behind this release?

My internal battles have held me back too long for me not to start a public journey and see others set free.

The song ‘Battlefield’ took form while walking through seasons in life where I felt as if God’s hand on my life would expire. But time proved His love more than I had ever known before and proved me wrong. I finally realised that when conflict feels it’s at its’ worst, He’s not anywhere other than by my side.

I’ve learnt that the battlefield is not a place of defeat, but of new beginnings. Just like a volcano, a war can destroy but it can also create the most beautiful landscapes and give way to new beginnings. The battlefield is a place of refining and equipping and less of a punishment as I had viewed it as before.

You have a story to tell, a reality that’s almost too hard to face, but I also know that if you’re willing to surrender it, there’s a Companion waiting to lift the load and finish the journey with you.

What is the main message you want to get across through this release?

This song is for those walking through a battle, from depression, anxiety, or trauma that haunts no matter how hard you pray, sing or fast. I hope you walk away from this song and realise you have a companion on your battlefield, and that the Battlefield belongs to Him.

I would love for us to remember that even Jesus was led to the wilderness, it may not be a desirable “location” but that doesn’t discredit what can come from it. Diamonds come from pressure, the most beautiful rubies are formed from extreme heat, we won’t crumble, we will form into something of far more value if we choose to let Him mould us.

Don’t wish away the pain, hardships and heartaches, look around and see what Cavalry and Armour you can pick up and share with others.

Can you share who you collaborated with or who played a significant role in this release?

Always the wife, all good things come from the wifey. Haha, but also, incredible writers that came alongside me were Brett Stanfield, Paul Ooi and Lauren Lee. And of course, one of the greatest producers; Johnny Bird – who has produced for years for the great Martin Smith.

Who, or what, are some of your current biggest inspirations, spiritually and musically?

Anything that is authentic and genuine automatically grips my attention, from art to design, from food to systems, show me authenticity and my attention and inspiration is sparked. Musically, Sam Mccabe, Steffany Gretzinger or Jeremy Riddle. On a day to day basis, some of the most inspiring and impacting seasons have been time with family, sabbath, basically the full package of John Mark Comers teachings. I have found the deepest inspiration coming from a change of perspective on how I viewed life, how I altered my view of success and took time to shift my focus from fast to free. Free thinking, uncluttered thoughts, healthy perspective, and unhindered security from within.

Where can we find or listen to this release?

All major platforms, from YouTube, Spotify, itunes and the corner cafe. Your support on this journey means more than you know, below are my handles if you’re keen to follow.
Follow Stefan Green:

Do you have a creative process of creating music?

Look, a part of me wishes there was a set process I could follow but it hardly ever works out like that. A song starts within a conversation, in the middle of an interview like this, or while taking out the trash. It can happen while in the room with incredibly talented musicians, or while sitting in scripture. I take time to honour the thought, the spark, and make sure it’s not lost and from there… anything can happen.

What are the most important things you’ve learnt about being an artist since the release of your single?

The release was only 6 days ago yet I can say I have already learnt more than I can even begin to list. But maybe the top three things I have learnt:

Cultivating an atmosphere of rest, peace and Sabbath with God and family is more important than the numbers or “streams”. The more I am still, the more creativity dances within me.

Fostering and honouring relationships are priceless. Genuine healthy relationships keep giving me fuel to get back to the drawing board, to write again, craft again and create something so that others will find true joy and life.

That dealing with deeply hidden nonsense really was worth the blood sweat and tears. Seeing the fruit show as I walk through new waters and navigate new situations with a perspective that has been recreated by taking the time to face the pain that previously kept me crippled. Walking through past traumas, depression and reconstructing my worldview has allowed for a depth and well where creativity lives.

What are your expectations for this year?

To live in Cadence with God, enjoy and love my family even more, and encourage myself and others to become like Jesus. Hang out with sinners, upset religious people, tell stories that make people think, choose unpopular friends, be kind, loving and merciful, and maybe take a few naps on a boat or two.


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