Jesus I Need You Ernie Smith feat. Jez Neethling

Apr 12, 2021

Jesus I Need You is a Brand New Worship Collaboration with Ernie Smith & Jez Neethling

Johannesburg, South Africa (12 March 2021). Collective Records is excited to announce the brand new single, “Jesus I Need You”, a collaboration between multi-award winning South African Singer-Songwriter, Ernie Smith and newcomer, Jez Neethling. Written and composed by Ernie Smith, “ ‘Jesus I Need You’ is my heart’s cry, to say to the Lord that I need You more than money, more than treasure, I need You more than anything else, You are the number one person that I need in my life.” 

“It’s simple, we all need Jesus every day and every hour, our lives are meaningless without Him,” adds Jez.

Through The Jesus Collective music ministry and the days spent on the road touring, Ernie Smith and Jez met, and it was here where Smith knew that Jez would be the perfect fit both vocally and spiritually for the track. Smith comments, “Jez’s heart is really connected with God and echoes the same message, our need for God during these times through COVID, and every day.”

Jez, a vocalist and member of the Jesus Collective, aspires to inspire others by showcasing God’s Grace to the nations. “My ministry is purely God’s grace and purpose in my life,” says Jez. When talking about her musical aspirations Jez giggles, “I always dreamed of collaborating with Ernie Smith, and fortunately that dream has come true, so next it would have to be, Jonathan McReynolds.”

Jesus I Need You, is available on all digital platforms.


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