Joyful Noise Collective releases new single “More Than Ever”

Jul 9, 2020

Joyful Noise Collective was founded during the 2020 national lockdown by Gospel DJ & Producer, Bradley Peters a.k.a DJ Brads.

It all started with conversations between gospel music artists wanting to collaborate.

The story:
DJ Brads was having conversations with musician/keyboard player Duane Chinsamy, about making music together. When the lockdown began studio sessions were put on hold indefinitely. Duane recorded a piano piece from home and sent it to DJ Brads via WhatsApp. DJ Brads put that piano piece into his music production system and added some beats to it. Determined to make something out of this, he reached out to his brother Timothy a.k.a Just Timothy (singer and songwriter) as well as Stephanie D (singer and songwriter) to see if they could add vocals to the piece. Both Timothy and Stephanie delivered with recorded vocals. DJ Brads then reached out to Caleb Moagi (bass guitarist) to add some bass to the track. Caleb delivered the bass line. Because of the lockdown restrictions these music artists recorded from their homes and sent their recordings via WhatsApp. DJ Brads added these separate recordings to the composition. After a few weeks of arranging, editing, mixing and mastering, the debut single “More Than Ever” was produced.


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