Prohorizon releases “Love And Other Death Experiences”

Oct 6, 2021

Prohorizon, The Pan-African Label together with its collective artists has officially unveiled “Love And Other Death Experiences” a debut EP, that explores, Love, Jesus, Grace and Communion.

“Love And Other Death Experiences” is a body of messages urging the writers, to engage with the status of their relationship with Jesus. And in the process inviting others to do so too.

Stripping away music’s artifice while writing sincere, poignant, and relatable songs is Armand’s gift while having Javan Joshua and Chris Mashiyane’s technical ability to package the melodies and heart of the song well. Together with Aphile-Aphile’s anointed and smooth vocal ability to communicate the heart of Jesus as simply and honestly as possible, is the way in which this collective has chosen to share these messages.

These artists, out of some difficult and good times, have fashioned a sensational and difficult EP that challenges the hearts of those who choose to engage with this offering to realize that love comes with sacrifices and Our love story with Jesus was restored through death.

“To Love, somethings must die. And to love God wholeheartedly means that we must deny our flesh again, again and again, to really attain the life that we were meant to live- to live is Christ and to die is gain” says, Armand Mukenge, that’s the very core of the EP, he concludes.

The team has teamed up with Lethabo “La_Jeso” Maramba, artist and worship leader, on the song Broken. La_Jeso’s convictions are evident in the way she reminds us that God must take center stage in all we do.

The fifth song of the EP, Armand Mukenge teams up with Kingdmusic declaring praises to God in their respective home languages (French, Lingala, Venda and English) This praise song fused with the Afrobeat sound seeks to praise God, especially in the difficult times. The Duo reminds us that even through the process of dying to self, we can still rejoice.

On the 08th of October 2021, Armand Mukenge, Javan Joshua & Chris Mashiyane and Aphile-Aphile will share a part of their life journey through this EP. The prayer is that you be reminded that God is closer to the brokenhearted and desires that communion with him be imperative to joyfully experience his Grace.


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